K.N.I.L. Heavy Weapons Companies

Machine guns with K.N.I.L.
After trials with various types of Machineguns 62 Schwarzlose MGs were bought from Austria and adopted as
M/1912. In 1915 another 100 were bought, but of an improved design known as M/1914. In connection hereto the
M/1912 MGs were transferred to the Fortress Artillery. Both MGs were in calibre 6,5 mm. With the Infantry four MG
Coys were formed: 1st in Weltevreden, 2nd in Magelang, 3rd in Malang and 4th in Tjimahi. Each Coy had four
Officers and 58 Other Ranks plus 18 horses. The Coy was divided in three Sections each of two MGs.
The number of MG Coys was increased to six – one for each of the six Infantry Regiments, but in 1934 reduced to
four again. These were issued with 6,5 mm Vickers M/1923 MGs.

Afdeling mitrailleurs en infanteriegeschut (MG and Infantry guns Detachment)
The four MG Coys were in connection hereto reorganized as Heavy Weapons Companies. Each Company had three
MG Sections each of two MGs and a Mortar Section with six 81 mm mortars M/1930 Stokes-Brandt.
In 1938 a Platoon of three Sections with each three 12,7 mm Anti-Aircraft MGs M/1930 Colt-Browning were added
and the Vickers MGs and the mortars were distributed with the Infantry Battalions. In the same period 47 mm Anti-
Tank guns were bought from Böhler in Austria. Each Coy received a Platoon of  two Sections each with three AT-
guns. In 1939 the names were changed to Afdeeling Pantser - en Luchtdoelafweergeschut (APLA or sometimes Pla -
Anti-Tank – and Anti-Aircraft guns Detachment).

1942 deployment
There were four APLAs each of an AA Platoon of three Sections with three AAMGs each. The AAMGs were carried
on Chevrolet light trucks,  but also on Opel P4 cars. The AT Platoon had two Sections each of three AT-guns, towed
by Vickers Utility Tractors of which K.N.I.L. had 20.
APLA 1        Meester-Cornelis, Maj Smeets
APLA 2        Tjimahi, Maj Klaar
APLA 4        Magelang, Maj Linck
APLA 6        Malang, Capt Lapré

Ad-hoc formations 1941-42
Upon mobilization APLA 1 was reinforced by extra personel and equipment and counted 12 AAMGs and 12 AT-guns.
APLA 2 received three extra AT-guns. APLA 1 later mobilized another Section with three AAMGs wich was deployed
at Kemajoran Airfield. An AT-Section with three US 37 mm AT-guns was formed to be part of the Tank Battalion
(Mobiele Eenheid) in Bandoeng.