Engineer and specialist vehicles
First the vehicles of the Signal Corps, which was
before 1942 part of the Engineers (Genie). K.N.I.L.
operated radio trucks as well as trailers. On this
picture you can see both, during manouvres. The
Chevrolet light truck carries the troops and tows the
trailer, which has the radioroom (Stabelan).
From the same source a picture of a
truck transporting telephone
equipment. The signallers are posing,
while some are sitting of the trailer
(picture from Stabelan magazine).
Here's a real radio truck with power
source in the trailer and special masts
erected near the vehicle (picture from
Ons Leger).
A close up of the same
vehicle from the same
Next the pontonniers' vehicles. A regular K.N.I.L. Chevrolet
carrying a pontoon section for the heaviest bridge K.N.I.L.
possessed. This particular pontoon bridge could carry loads of
up to 10 tons and film footage show the Vickers Light tanks
crossing it while experiencing heavy waves caused by the
driving of other vehicles.
The rear view of the
same type of vehicle
(source Ons Leger
K.N.I.L. special).
This picture from Indisch MIlitair Tijdschrift
shows a 1937 Ford truck crossing the K.N.I.L.
pontoon bridge, full of troops. We have some
reason to believe that this may be a Warford
converted 6x4 Ford. Such a vehicle was tested
as a possible new artillery tractor in the late
1930s by K.N.I.L.
These are 1932 GMC 6x4 trucks just bodied as
ammo trucks by K.N.I.L. Arsenal at Bandung.
Way in the rear the GMC artillery tractors can
be seen with a different body (and high canvas
cover). See the artillery tractor page for these
A better and closer view of
such a vehicle during a
parade as late as 1941.
Here one more shot
from Stabelan
This convoy of vehicles shows a
number of the GMC 1932 ammo trucks
followed by an array of lighter
vehicles, cars and autolettes/light
Later a number of Maple Leaf 4x4 trucks
seems to have been converted to ammo trucks
as well. One can be seen here following a
sister vehicle, while towing the Krupp gun's
K.N.I.L. operated a small number of wrecker trucks. We have
no information on these but they seemed to have been GMC
6-wheelers. Possibly these DAF-converted 6x6 trucks have
something to do with that?
K.N.I.L. Arsenal at Bandung used this
not yet identified bus in the 1930s to
transport its staff around the grounds
(source Stabelan).