General History sites

Pacific campaign Knows all about the fall of the Dutch East Indies!

For WW2 Order of Battles, check out Dr. Leo Niehorster's site:
World War Two Armed forces.

The following
Military Vehicle Sites are highly recommended:

Marmon-Herrington, Hanno Spoelstra's site on Marmon-Herrington military vehicles and tanks of WW2.
Includes some K.N.I.L. vehicles. Under construction.

Brazilian and other South-American countries' Armies vehicles at
Articles in Portuguese or Spanish.

Check out WW2 Fire trucks at

Some excellent forums for the discussion of military vehicles are:, mainly focusing on Canadian Military Pattern vehicles, but other topics
are welcome. Home to many early discussions on KNIL vehicles!

Allied Vehicles Forum of the Missing-Lynx Discussion Group;

Hanno Spoelstra's
Marmon-Herrington vehicles forum, belonging to the previously named website;